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The subagent business is one of the key areas of the diversified portfolio of businesses of the holding, the largest Russian consolidator for the sale of air and railway tickets, as well as travel and related services. Vipservice is the number one agent of the national carrier Aeroflot, a platinum partner of Lufthansa Group and Amadeus, and a leading agent of Russian Railways. We are trusted by all the leading carriers of Russia and the leaders of the world transport industry operating in our country.

The subagent business is two directions of the implementation of passenger transportation and travel services: a unique B2B platform "Portbilet 2.0". and classic console offline and online sales through the GDS and CRS booking systems with the provision of a full line of additional products. This is an active support for the leading industry trends - platformization and active implementation of the NDC format.

More than 13 million passengers travel annually using travel documents issued through our agency. We sell more air tickets than whole countries, such as Thailand or Peru.

The consolidation strategy of the holding allowed us to create the widest agent network in Russia, more than 13,000 legal entities. And our clients speak 10 languages of the world.

Our new strategy is a course towards globalization. The peaceful expansion began with an office in Germany, which opened in early 2019. This is a constant search for new reliable partners around the world and the expansion of the range of content and commercial opportunities for our clients.


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