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In modern realities, in the presence of fierce competition and the rapid development of technologies, business begins to seriously approach the optimization of its processes. Creation of comfortable conditions for clients and partners is a rule of good form. Taking care of its client, Vipservice chose the path of digital relationships and created the Personal Account tool, which will automate and speed up all work processes, optimize document flow, become more flexible and faster in information exchange.

The aviation industry is too specific. When selling passenger transportation, the client has to understand and maintain a large number of interaction processes with the structural divisions of the holding. This is a contracting service, a technological division, a call center, a claims department, the nuances of reporting and financial settlements, consulting services "Helpdesk", advanced training in a training center, as well as the purchase and sale of individual IT products of the holding, and much more. The personal account is designed to become a common home for our clients, where it will be possible to get answers to all (or almost all) questions related to the work of the company.

The journey was long. Over the past few years, we have been actively introducing and refining a customer relationship management (CRM) system, the task of which was to attract and contract customers, organize events and communication, formulate commercial conditions and tariff plans, manage configurations and claims, implement marketing and information mailings, create reporting and analytics. The result of all these works was the creation of a Personal Account.

Today, the Personal Account provides access to all relevant and archived documentation. Now, online, the client sees all active contracts and business areas under which they operate. Moreover, the system contains all documents in digital format, as well as bank details for each contract for the implementation of mutual settlements. This is information about legal data and contacts of representatives of both parties. The client also gets access to the mobile phones of the top managers of the subagent business. This is the news feed of the holding and the library of the Helpdesk service.

But that's not all…

On an ongoing basis, our team is working on expanding the functionality of the Personal Account and improving the already implemented options. In the near future, it is planned to introduce such services as a demonstration of the commercial conditions of the tariff plan used, data on the agent's commission for calculating the subagent's remuneration formulas, important documents / orders / announcements of suppliers, variations of technological connection and the cost of these services with a description of sales schemes, description of the content of suppliers available for sale and its uniqueness. Thus, the client will be able to choose the most interesting and commercially advantageous offers presented in Vipservice. An important tool will be the placement in the office of all valid configuration items with the applied cost. And the marketing block will allow you to see all the events planned by the agent with suppliers and register your participation in one click. The final chord will be the introduction of a block for the exchange of financial documents, sales registers, analytical reports.

Well, taking into account the strategy of the holding for globalization, the Personal Account will be multilingual.

We hope you will appreciate this service!
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