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The Amadeus Global Distribution System is the core product of a leading provider of innovative technology solutions to the global travel and transportation industry. The system is designed for booking air tickets, train tickets, hotels, transfers, car rentals, insurances, tour packages and cruises, as well as the use of advertising technologies and payment solutions. The range of services available for sale may vary depending on the market. The system is actively used by over 400 thousand travel business professionals around the world.

In 2000, Amadeus became the first company in the industry to receive the ISO 9001: 2000 quality certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Today Amadeus offers its customers the opportunity to book flights for more than 480 airlines in real time and view the flight schedules of more than 710 airlines around the world.


Travelport is a leader in airline merchandising, providing essential technologies such as purchasing, ticketing, departure control and other services designed to simplify every task, as well as hosting and distributing hotel content, car rental, mobile commerce and B2B payment solutions.

More than 400 partner airlines and travel companies around the world have chosen Travelport to differentiate their brands, maximize revenues, reduce costs and reach travel shoppers across all channels on almost every continent..


Sabre Travel Network is a leading provider of technology solutions for the travel industry, connecting shoppers with travel sellers and enabling those sellers to efficiently maximize the value of their content on a personalized basis through the world's largest marketplace, the global distribution system Sabre.

More than 55,000 travel agencies and over 400 airlines, 86,000 hotels, 25 car rental companies, 12 cruise lines are linked through Sabre, enabling them to provide their customers with an unforgettable travel experience and develop the travel industry by offering a wide range of technology solutions, including business data-driven analytics, mobility solutions, software-as-a-service (SaaS) distribution solutions used by suppliers and buyers to plan, market, sell, service and manage their businesses.

Sabre is the world's largest provider of aviation and hospitality technology, processing more than $ 120 billion in transactions per year.

Sabre has been named as InformationWeek's 500 Most Innovative Technology Company for 11 consecutive years and is ranked seventh on their list of "Best Software Ever Written."


The Sirena-Travel Automated Distribution System (ADS) is a platform for interaction with inverter booking systems of air carriers (PSS Leonardo, Gabriel, Sabre, Amadeus), providing a “neutral” display of their content, as well as booking aviation and travel services.

Sirena-Travel is the only accredited domestic distribution system for booking air transportation that meets the principles of building leading foreign global distribution systems (GDS), taking into account the needs and characteristics of the transportation market in Russia and the CIS countries. The technology of its work is based on international standards for integration with the global tourism and travel infrastructure.

The system will allow you to book seats and issue tickets from any agent terminal, collects and stores information about the schedule, availability of seats, tariffs, forms a single archive of all operations, which allows using the data to generate reports for all participants in the process.

Sirena 2.3

Automated reservation system "Sirena 2.3" is a distribution-inverter reservation system. It can be used in one of the following ways: as an airline's own system as part of its commercial information complex, or as a distribution system that provides agents with access to the resources of other inverter systems, or as a shared system serving several airlines and (or) agencies.

Today Sirena 2.3 allows many large Russian air carriers to partially or fully manage their resources. One of the main subsystems of Sirena 2.3 is the passenger service subsystem intended for seat reservation. It meets the requirements of both the domestic and foreign air transportation market and provides a set of functions typical for direct work with a passenger, namely, seat selection at the passenger's request, seat reservation, meal selection and ticket issuance, application of various fares, discounts, benefits, offer package services, use of frequent flyer programs and more.