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We understand that offering a personalized experience is your top priority - that's what attracts customers and keeps them coming back.

The opportunities we provide together with our suppliers will allow you to personalize, increase conversions, enter new markets and significantly increase your sales.

We are happy to offer solutions that meet your business goals. Together, we transform your OTA into a partner that your customers rely on every step of the way, on every journey they take.

At your service:

Providing content for suppliers within the framework of the unified XML protocol of the Transport Aggregator platform - the holding's own IT solution.
Today, through the system, you can purchase the services of AEROFLOT, S7 AIRLINES, URAL AIRLINES, AZIMUTH, EMIRATES, MAHAN AIR, FLY ARYSTAN, KIWI–LOW COST integrated within the NDC. Work has begun on the integration of FLY ARNA, FLYONE ARMENIA, TURKISH AIRLINES, SCAT.
Including the system includes the full content of the Russian, Belarusian, Kazakh railways, the bus supplier "Bosphorus", transfer companies "IWay".

Ordering online Amadeus configurations, assistance in adding and certifying the necessary services to the WSAP license, as well as their versioning.
Amadeus Master Pricer Instant Search product - reducing the number of L2B transactions, quickly searching for cheap flight options using a previously saved data array.
Connection of ATC line products, allowing guaranteed returns and exchanges, thereby reducing the risk of receiving ADM from airlines.
A software product for sending copies of air files to an FTP folder - reducing financial costs with the allocation of space on our resources, if necessary.

Ordering Saber / IPCC online configurations not only in the Russian market, but also in the markets of other countries (more than 15), including the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia.
Connecting the possibility of automated returns and exchanges.
Ability to upload IUR files to an FTP folder - reducing financial costs with the allocation of space on our resources, if necessary.

Order online Travelport / Galileo configurations.
Consulting on the creation of WAB / HAB.
Assistance in obtaining report files to an FTP folder - reducing financial costs with the allocation of space on our resources, if necessary.

Connection to Sirena-Travel APC resources using WS-Gate XML gateway.
The XML protocol allows you to generate reference queries, receive answers, and use all the content of Sirena-Travel ARS for booking and selling air travel and additional non-aviation content: Aeroexpress, AlfaStrakhovanie.
Ability to work in various sessions: TCH, BSP and airlines.

Obtaining full aviation content, including charter, B2B platform of the Portbilet holding using a single API protocol.

A software product for processing report files that allows you to upload files to the FTP folder of a subagent and have one entry point for receiving data. Data is downloaded not only from GDS Amadeus, Saber, Travelport, but also from other systems operating on the Russian market - Sirena-Travel, Sirena 2.3, Smart Ticketing (a / c "Siberia").

We stand guard for new technological solutions in the industry and are always ready to provide our own expertise and assistance in integration!