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System advantages

Portbilet is a simple and effective online solution for searching, booking and selling tickets, as well as a wide range of additional services. Today, the system contains a wide range of air and train tickets, tickets for Aeroexpress, hotels, insurance policies, transfer and bus transportation.
The system has a unique interface - easy to understand, despite the complexity of the supported mechanisms, allowing the client to customize the environment exclusively for himself.

To make complex things simple, the system offers services that are designed to meet the variety of needs of our users and to simplify the processes of their work and interaction. The system is convenient for its transparency, which consists in open pricing, displaying the agent's commission and the ability to add your own fees at the booking stage, and the multi-currency and multilingualism speak of its flexibility.

So that errors do not cloud relations, the system meets the highest security requirements, which is ensured by double authorization using SMS or Google Authenticator (GA), special password generators, intelligent algorithms that allow real-time detection and blocking of suspicious transactions and actions in the system, which ensures safety of the client's financial resources.

To open up new perspectives, we do not stop in an endless search for new interesting and profitable offers, constantly expanding the content of various travel service providers. We strive to use advanced integration channels that provide the opportunity to receive the most demanded and cheapest rates, including IT / promo, as well as a wide range of related services.

SIBERIA AIRLINES, LUFTHANSA GROUP, QANTAS AIRWAYS, KIWI – LOW COST have already been successfully integrated into the system for business to bear fruit with the help of a single industry standard NDC. The connection of AEROFLOT, AIR FRANCE and KLM ends. Work on integration with GDS AMADEUS NDC-X has begun. And on the basis of foreign stocks BSP and Amadeus Content Rail, the system includes airlines and rail carriers that are not on the Russian market.

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