Hamilton Apps enters Kazakhstan market
Hamilton Apps, a provider of cloud apps for managing expense reports and business trips and a subsidiary of Vipservice Holding, has made its debut in the Kazakhstan market... 18.09.2023
Forward-looking development
There is an agreement between the Ticket House Management Company and the Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation (MSTUCA) for students to undertake industrial internships within the holding... 08.08.2023
Full responsibility
Vipservice Holding held first aid training. The event was attended by senior staff... 26.07.2023
Open Day
Open Day is a yearly event hosted by our client, Vipservice, with the aim of sharing industry trends, their own research findings, and new products with their clients... 13.07.2023
Union State for the good of the industry.
Vipservice always keeps up with the latest industry news and supports any contributions to the industry's development that positively affect the future of Russian civil aviation. 29.06.2023