We work

to win your heart


Today, not all operations with passenger transportation are possible online. Many, for example, complex exchanges and refunds, as well as the registration of additional services, are still possible to make only with the help of offline configurations of the GDS and CRS booking systems.

Taking care of your client, providing him with high-quality and prompt support plays a key role for us!

This is important and this is the reason for our responsible attitude to the work of the call center for processing post-operations, as well as to the development and automation of the Portbilet web system. According to the established SLA, we strive to ensure that the speed of response to requests from our clients does not exceed 20 minutes. And to make the work in the system more efficient, we continue to develop in the fields of post-operation automation and the sale of additional services. The result is an increase in the speed of service, offering a wider range of services, personalization and a qualitatively new approach to the passenger.

We pay special attention to clients who provide services to passengers at retail points of sale, in particular at airports and train stations, where reducing the waiting time of a passenger plays an important role. Often, their needs are to buy a ticket less than two hours before departure, to make an urgent return or exchange, check in extra baggage, etc., and it is important for us to provide our partner with the tools to provide these services promptly.

For this purpose, we have the option of prioritizing the client - the first priority processing of his requests.

We work to win your heart!